About 10 years ago my family (me, my husband and 2 sons 6 y and 10 y that time) was just an ordinary Finnish family, who travelled once a year and usually in Europe. During our vacations we explored interesting places mostly above water. Naturally we did some swimming also on the beaches and especially spent time at the pool area.

In July 2010 we decided to travel to Hurghada, Egypt. This trip became a sort of turning point for us. We spent one hot and sunny week in Hurghada and snorkeled every day in the Red Sea. I still remember one drift snorkeling tour with Colona Divers, when I was snorkeling above one colorful reef with rich marine life. I was so amazed about this beauty that I cried. I felt that I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I am happy that my whole family felt the same, even our youngest son who still had some issues with the salty water and sand.

Gladly we also bought our first underwater camera for this trip and my husband got interested in underwater photographing. It is fun to see how his photos and videos keep getting better and better in every travel we do. Naturally also cameras are changing bigger and better and equipment’s are evolving.

After our trip we were so happy that we found snorkeling as a new hobby for the family. We thought that we could never do scuba-diving though. But, what then happened…