August, 2011 we went for a vacation in Kusadasi, Turkey. We did dream about going back to Hurghada, but our friends had found this nice Aquamarine park hotel and it looked really great. At the beach there was one diving center selling intro dives and I naturally got interested. Gladly I was able to pursue Timo to test this also.

At first we tried diving at the pool. It felt easy and fun. Next to the ocean…hmm. I started to feel bit nervous.

Beginning of the dive went pretty OK, but even we only went under 3 to 4 meters I started to feel uncomfortable. Also I did not know so well yet how to use my buoyancy control device…I tried to keep my balance, my legs were kicking and…oops…I wondered why my scuba teacher looked so in pain. We stopped diving and went to the surface. Timo joined us and laughed:  “Did you Kati just kick your DM to the nuts?” Very embarrassing moment for me…

Normal person I guess would have stopped trying to become a scuba diver after this occasion, but I evaluated the situation and decided that I just need more practice 🙂