This week I watched an amazing documentary Mission Blue from Netflix. Mission Blue tells the story of world-renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle as she travels the globe on an urgent mission to shed light on the horrible condition of Earth’s oceans. She really knows the hard truth as she has been studying the oceans over 60 years.

I got very emotional and inspired from the beginning of this documentary. I felt I found my soul-mate in Sylvia, who has also fallen in love with the ocean and it’s beautiful marine life and reefs like I did some years ago. From Sylvia I also found a person who I can really look up to. Things she has done, and is still doing, are just amazing. She has been able to have an ocean as her life’s work and explore and study the oceans around the world for decades. Sylvia has made even an open-ocean JIM suit dive to the sea floor near Oahu, setting a women’s depth record of 381 meters. She has even been inventing several research submarines. She has done and seen it all I can only dream off.

In the documentary Sylvia explains the different ways humans (=us) are destroying the oceans. During the documentary I got so sad and started to wonder if there would be any way to save our ocean and the globe any more. The issues are so big and things have gone so far already. Think about the amount of politics that would be needed and the total behavior change for us all globally. If I feel hopeless, how sad and extremely frustrated Sylvia must feel time to times as she is witnessing all of this. Still she is on the front row fighting for our oceans. She has the right attitude. She does not give up. She believes that we can turn this still around, but we really must act now.

Sylvia won a TED Prize at 2009. With TED’s support, she launched Mission Blue, which aims to establish marine protected areas “Hope Spots” around the World. While about 12 percent of the land around the world is now under some form of protection, less than 4% of the ocean is protected in any way. Hope spots will be similar to national parks on land where exploitative uses like fishing and deep sea mining are restricted. Let’s hope this initiative will be a success and help us to protect our oceans to the next and next generations.

Sylvia’s advice to us all below. I will definitely try to do my part and am starting from this blog 🙂

“Look in the mirror, consider your talents, and think about how you might use them to make a difference. Some have artistic skills, others are good with numbers or have a way with words. Everyone has power to make a difference as an individual, or by joining the company of others who share a common goal. The key is in knowing that what you do matters, including doing nothing!”

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