For me becoming a diver did not happen in couple of days as diving under water was not a natural state to be. But the huge desire to go under water and to explore was so big that it helped me finally through.

In Autumn 2012 I started with my oldest son, who was then 12 years old, an Open water diving course in in Espoo. We did the theory and pool practices in and agreed to finish up the course with Raya Divers in Koh Lanta, Thailand.

One of my best vacation ever was then spent with my family and 3 other families in December 2012. “ParasMatkat” group was formed. Our vacation was full of sun, snorkeling, diving, pool activities, and lots of laughter. During this trip me and my son got the OWD-diving licenses, Timo and 2 others their AOWD-cards and almost all the rest discovered scuba diving. Even my youngest son, who was 7 years old at this time was able to try scuba-diving and liked it.

This trip will remain at my heart forever. During these two weeks I did around 12 dives and as these were my first dives ever in the ocean, also everything I saw while diving I saw for the first time. I will never forget the dive in Phi Phi Islands, where we almost run into a wonderful reef octopus and the dive where we saw a Leopard shark 5 times! Great dives were also the dives in the Koh Haa Islands, which also had some nice cavern dive trough’s….And the sea snakes and squids! I can’t explain how amazing all these sea creatures were. Gladly we had Timo taking pictures and videos for us.

Already in my first dives I saw how fragile the reefs are and unfortunately I saw some almost dead reefs. There were also much reefs that suffered from the coral bleaching. This is so sad! The wonderful underwater world we are having with it’s amazing marine life is dying bit by bit because of the actions of humans. I wish we will wake up soon enough to prevent this. With my blogs I want to spread the word about the amazing things we have under water and this way try to have even a small positive effect on this.